Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Get off my lawn

If I know you, get out of my way. I just have no patience today with people I know. People, I don't know? No problem at all. But everyone else... my best advice is to hide or just pretend you don't know me and I'll go along with that scam.

For instance, I sent the building manager a note reporting that I've been having issues opening the front door remotely (from my phone). So I can't let delivery people in. Plus, I tried it myself this morning and it finally did work but only after I hit the button 5 times. Should open after 1. His response is that there are no issues as far as he knows and I'll need to come show him. My thought was 'oh so you don't believe me and/or don't think I know how to operate the system after 26 years of living here???'. I know that's a ridiculous response but today, that's how I feel. I ended up telling him to forget it. If no one else was having the problem, I'd just deal with it.

On the up side, I was here when the ceiling fix it guys came to look. Turns out they hired the guy who ran the roof project last year. He is excellent at project management, getting shit done and communicating same. So Whew. They asked good questions and I'm not going to worry about it any more.

These will be my next three swimsuits.


No hurry but they were on sale so I figured stash in the house = good thing. Right now I'm working on putting my fleece scraps together to make a jacket. So far, so good.

I did get the sewing room all cleaned up. And totally emptied the litter box and refilled it. And made a trip down to the dumpster.

Then I walked to the Japanese grocery and to the Japanese dollar store. The Garmin app will punish me tomorrow by raising the daily goal even higher.

Right now I'm desperately sleepy but if I take a nap, I won't get to sleep tonight and 4:30 tomorrow morning will be a nightmare. Maybe some knitting/tv time will perk me up.
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