Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When the universe speaks...

The not-very-old blinds I am replacing are telling me Good Decision to Replace. Yesterday one of them was broken. It wouldn't go back up. I figured it needed new batteries which is a PIA and also expensive. One blind takes 12 AA's. So I just ignored it.

This morning, all were up including the 'broken' one. Which is another problem. The hub that runs them is operated by an app. The hub/app situation has always been dicey. In the Summer, I set it to lower them all at dawn and raise them again at noon. In the Winter, I turn all such settings off. Apparently the hub/app was having some sort of PTSD episode.

Time to replace The new blinds have a much better hub/app situation and is tied into the Echo. So now when I ask the blinds 'what the fuck???' I get nothing. The new blinds will, with Echo's help, be able to answer the question.

I did finally find the list/photos of fabrics available for the blinds I am getting. Justin will bring me actual fabric samples so I'll be able to tell better but I think I'm going with a kind of a purple/red wine-ish color.

I owe Dr. Lung's clinic $50. At least I hope that's all I owe. But, Dr. Lung has to hook up with the clinic's billing department who then goes to my insurance. I saw him exactly a month ago. No sign of any billing anywhere. If there's no charge to me I'd see a $0 tab. I'm not seeing that either. And it's making me a little crazy. I like to stay on top of these things and I know there's something there, just where... at least it's not the worst health care financial crisis to have.

Zoey just pushed a nearly full glass of water off the counter. It landed on the carpet side so the glass lives and the carpet + padding gets a nice soak.

Ok, time to get some stuff done and then get sewing. I have 2 projects going plus another swim suit to assemble.
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