Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We know what you are, madame. We are now merely haggling over the price.

When I was first contacted by my Mariner person (fancy schmancy ticket holders get a person of their own), I told him I was interested in moving closer to an aisle. My seat is smack in the middle of the row. In either direction, I have to crawl over 13 people. And even in the fancy schmancy section, they wasted no real estate on spaces between rows of seats.

I just got a lovely email from my person (his name is Mike but I like calling him my person). He's offering me a seat over one section (nearer the Mariner dugout), same row but only 4 people to crawl over. The trick is that it's for all the games, not just the 20 that I have now. It includes some upgraded options like a suite for 20 people for two games and some other perks.

And, it's only $17,000. or $200 per game.

That includes all food and drink and parking but still... I'm not sure I'd even want to go to every game especially a Diamond Club game.

Nice of him to ask, tho. He said he'd keep looking.
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