Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a little scare this morning which turned out to be not much of anything. I found myself short of breath getting to the pool and having to stop a the end of the pool a couple of times just to breathe. But, that didn't last long and I was able to do most of the swim uninterrupted. It did remind me to appreciate having my breathing mostly back to normal.

So, yep, I did buy that scooter and now have no use for it. EXCEPT, I have plans. When it gets hot out and I can't go anywhere because the sun is too bright and the air is too stinking hot, I will get that scooter out and feel the wind in my hair as I scoot to anywhere I want. I'm so excited about this prospect. It will make Summers not horrible for me!

Today is house cleaner day. So I'll hit the road with errands. Goodwill and maybe Uwajimaya and Daiso and no telling what all else.

I have not plugged my Garmin Vivoactive in since I got it set up on Saturday. The battery is now at 79%. This I love. So many of the smart watches need daily charging and I'm just not up for that. I'm thinking this one will be happy with weekly charging which will be fine by me.
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