Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday I did about 4 five minute stints with this obscene looking monster.

(It was a good bit cheaper - on sale - when I bought it years ago.) Lo and behold, my neck, which has been bugging me for week is healed!! Wild. Sorry, Goodwill, you are not getting this thing. It's going back into storage until the next body part breaks which at my age could be after lunch today.

When used to swim at this pool, there was a guy who swim often who looks just like Ezio Penza - particularly in his South Pacific days. He always waved and rarely spoke. I always loved seeing him.

Well, guess who was there today?! Waving again?!! Ezio!!! Also the blind guy who actually smiled at me today. He's not totally blind but does use a cane. He can see enough to find a lane and maneuver around the pool safely. He sometimes responded when I said good morning but I'd ever seen him smile. He has, it turns out, a great smile.

It really is a lot more fun than I would have thought to see all these old swim friends.

My new watch continues to delight as well. I have been able to connect it to Swim.Com and Speedo Dashboard so now I have about twice to three times more swim analysis than I really need. Especially since I really don't intend to do anything with any of it but look. Oh and I accumulate points in Humana's health program and those points get me Amazon credit which is nice.

And, the app really does adjust my goals to stretch me which is actually exactly how it should work.

The house cleaner comes tomorrow so I need to tidy up today and there will be sewing. And probably a walk since now my tracking software expects that. But mostly there will be home time.

Last night I went to the HOA meeting. It was loud and not really contentious but not kumbaya either. And it went on too long. And I couldn't leave because I had to notarize a signature after.

When I got up here to my own house and closed the door, I don't know that I've ever felt as relieved. And I fell in love with my quiet, pretty, orderly, only-for-me condo all over again.
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