Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While i waited for Frank, I sat in the Costco food court at the picnic tables and finished off my gynormous piece of pizza and watched the crowds go by. I was judge and jury with every cart. After a bit I even pictured myself in a black robe with a gavel.

One guy had 12 gigantic tires in his cart with his big bag of grated cheddar cheese and a smaller bag of potato chips.

One guy had only 4 bottles of vodka and a huge pack of Depends.

One woman came by and I have no idea what was in her cart (not much) but she was making her 1 year old giggle like crazy. It was hilarious.

It was really better people watching than the airport with better and cheaper food and lots more parking.


Dear Whoever invented heated car seats, I love you so much.


I used to not even notice but now, when I hear someone trying to use an accent that isn't theirs, it's offensive. Whether they are doing it for clear mock or just because they think it's fun/cool, I think it's just insulting.


Zoey is insisting on my total attention today. I have no idea what the deal is but she's making me crazy.


I went to Costco and walked in from the parking lot, walked all around the store, hauled my shit back to the car and then all the way up here to my condo and never once stopped to catch my breath. Didn't need to.

I think I'm fixed.

I just set a wake up call for 4:30 tomorrow. I'd really like to be at the pool at 5 so I can have at least an hour of a leisurely swim. I will be swimming with my fingers crossed.

I did get new goggles at Costco. And I cut out the pieces for 3 new swimsuits and their linings.
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