Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I ended up tossing the breakfast burritos I made with all the stuff in them and replacing them with plain ones... egg and cheese. I just had one for breakfast and it was perfect. Self, make a note.

I feel good this morning. Often, even on good days, first thing in the morning, the slightest exertion, like going to bathroom, can make me pant a bit. Not this morning. Today I'm going to test the land options. Walking. When I finish this, I'm going to get dressed and go walk around the block.

At noon, I'm meeting ljtourist at Costco. That will be a good trial. I may try swimming again tomorrow. Or I may wait until Saturday. I'm still a little afraid that there might be a problem. That maybe 15 minutes wasn't a long enough test. I don't want to find out that it wasn't. So, I'll hang in denial at least for today.

I'm reading JoJo Moyes latest book. It's the third book featuring Louisa Clark. The first was great. The second was good. I'm afraid the third might have been an idea whose execution should have been maybe been reconsidered. It's even read by one of my favorite readers. Sigh. I will continue reading it because I do need to know what happens.

But now I need to get up and get dressed and hit the streets.
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