Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Plan Du Jour

When my day starts off with an hour long swim, the rest of the day is just gravy. It doesn't matter what I do, I've already accomplished a bunch.

When my day starts off with no swimming, I feel like I'm behind all day. A slacker. A n'er do well. Plus, when I sit, or walk around the house, I feel fine. Fine like I have the lungs to do whatever I want. So why didn't I swim already?

This morning I answered that with a walk around the block. First of all, a walk around the block at 8:15 is an invitation to see the maximum number of canines shitting and pissing all over everything. We don't have that much dirt around here and there is nearly a queue at every tree well.

But, I digress... I made it around the block but it wasn't a breeze. I had to stop, briefly, a couple of times. So, that's answers the why no swimming question.

However, I do think I can make it to the pie truck at lunchtime - on foot. I also think I can work in a grocery run this afternoon. So. Not terrible. And better than yesterday.

This morning's activities involve lung-friendly knitting. A woman on Ravelry has a new pattern and needs it tested. It's a cute little creature not unlike a bunch of others I have done so it will be an easy test.
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