Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Entertaining me

Today I feel about like I did last Monday with one huge difference. Last monday, I was afraid I would never get better. Now I know I will get better and probably in 3 or 4 days tops. So rather than being all depressed and obsessed, I'm now bordering on bored. I keep thinking of things I want to do and can't. Like go get milk. I could break out the scooter and go and I would if it were critical but it's not.

So I'm internet shopping. I want new swim earbuds. The last two pair I bought were really no good enough so they got returned. I'm going to have to buy the expensive ones. And I spent some time looking at a Samsung watch that tracks swimming. And then I fell into the rabbit hole of swim trackers. But, I recovered. And bought nothing. Because wy jinx my ever being able to swim again? I'm pretty sure I will be fine in the bromine pool but why tempt fate?

I was pounding down my list of recorded TV and found a copy of my favorite movie of all time. It was a shortened version with commercials. I watched about 5 minutes of it. And then looked on Google Play to see that I could buy it for $10. I did. And started it from the beginning. I hadn't see in in a year or so and it was as wonderful as ever. I am not a movie buff or even, really, a movie lover but I love Paul.

Plus, now I own it and I can watch it any time, any where. Nice.

I've tried to do things today that test and stress my breathing a little. Like I just went back to the sewing room to clean up where the dryer spit pieces from kleenex all over the carpet when I took the last load out. And then scoop out the litter box. Last night I didn't have enough breath to go back there and turn off the light. Today I accomplished the clean up and scoop out without much trouble. Progress.

I'm not a grammy person so I think it's time to polish off some of the other recorded TV.
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