Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day after

I am a little better today. I have breath enough to get dressed and even wash the dishes - not in one go, however. Yesterday was a nightmare. I had the thought about what if it was a fluke. What if it wasn't the pool but some other weird one off something that caused the problem? I'll never know because I am not willing to try the pool again and risk another day like yesterday. Besides, I'm sure it was the pool.

I also had no idea my lungs were so fragile. Holy crap. 1 hour in that environment is all it took to lay me out. I could not do anything. I could not walk as far as the front door. Walking the 10 steps to the toilet was nearly impossible. Not good. At all. I need to ask Dr. Lung if he has any suggestions for how to deal with that.

I am encouraged that it is a little better today and based on experience, I'm guessing that several days of doing nothing will bring me all the way back. So it's not so depressing as it was when I didn't know that. Also I'm deeply grateful that I can sleep. I slept a lot yesterday and still managed a lovely night's sleep.

So then, what? I wonder if the LA Fitness pool near me is fixed. When last I swam there, it was the color of pea soup. The other LA Fitness pool is a very annoyingly longer drive away. On the up side, I did swim in one or the other of those pools every day for 3 years with no lung problems... and it cost me nothing. I guess I'll try the green option first.

If I have to give up swimming all together then there is a real problem of how to get that much exercise routinely. I hate hate hate all the other options.

But, first, I need to sit and heal. Guess that's what I'll be doing today.
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