Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just walked around the block!! I had to stop twice. Once, very briefly, to breathe and once to blow my nose. It's cold and rainy and nose runny BUT I did it. And not at the SlowOldLady pace either. I didn't break any land speed records but anyone watching me would know I had places to go and people to see. And I didn't just barely make it inside to stand and pant either. I was fine. Really fine.

I am so relieved. I am now convinced that Dr. Lung was not feeding me bullshit. I will get back to breathing like I used to and doing what I used to do. I've spent may days since the first of December thinking I never would. That pool had better be ready for me on Saturday!

Earlier today, I gave the scooter a bullet test. I went uphill and down and rode over broken pavement and it did fine. It does need a better horn/bell. But otherwise, it is solid. And now, it may well, be my umbrella scooter that I rarely, if ever use because I no longer need it. Fine by me.
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