Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying to be realistic

I really do think things are getting better. Lungwise and otherwise. Lungwise is very very slow. But, while I still can't do a lot of what I want to do, like swim or walk around the block, I can now walk around the house with ease and I no longer feel just generally crummy.

Now the problem becomes how do I get the rest back without going backwards. I feel like if I just sit around here waiting to get well, my muscles and lungs won't know that's the plan and they will just get lazy. But, if I stress them too much, they will turn on me. It's a fine line.

Today's plan is kind of set and on the right course, I think. This morning, the house cleaner comes and I will at least get out of the house. I think I'll do the usual Goodwill check and then run some other errands. And, if that goes well, maybe a short walk.

Tonight is the Mariner deal which should be fun. I gather we'll get into normally not-available-to-the-public areas of the ballpark and hear from the executives and a few of the newly acquired ballplayers.

My new scooter battery did not take 12 hours to charge. It was done in 5 which was a pleasant surprise. I plopped it into the scooter and took it for a test drive down the hallway. It's just perfect for what I want. Easy to maneuver, comfortable and small. That was a good use of $200. Even if, as rsc suggests it turns into am umbrella purchase. Like when you remember to take your umbrella and then the promised rain never shows... Now that I have it, I will no longer need it. THAT would be very perfect.

I do miss swimming. A lot.
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