Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Is it me or Memorex?

This morning was the first time since early December - except some of the prednisone days - that my swim felt better than the day before. Not worlds better but better is better than not and I'll take it. I not only didn't have to stop as often and as long, I really just flat felt better. It is so encouraging not to feel worse.

However... my tracker says it was not even as good as yesterday's swim. So, here's the rule about me and my tracker. Anytime it reports a better result than I expect, we go with the tracker. Anytime it reports not as good as I expect, we go with me. When you are 68, almost 69 years old, you get to make whatever rules you want. And that's the rule I want.

Also, last night something weird happened. I had tried walking the hallway earlier in the day and it wasn't good. In fact, I really just felt crummy. I was watching TV and thought that maybe I'd try the hallway one more time, just to see. My plan was that I'd take a hit off the albuterol inhaler, wait 15 mins (until Jeopardy was over) and try again. In about 10 minutes I realized that I no longer felt crummy. The walk wasn't that great or even that much better but I felt better. Weird. Mostly when I suck down the albuterol, I can't really feel a difference. But last night I absolutely did.

So maybe there's hope for me yet.

I think today I'll tackle the fabric in the house cleaner's basket and make a doll or two or creature. I have a bear 3/4ths done with some of the yarn. I do want to have some results to show her when she's here next Wednesday.

We are 6 weeks away for the first baseball game of the season. Spring training game but I'm counting it. And so looking forward to it.
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