Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lungs. I'm not happy with mine.

I walked to the end of the hall and then back down the full length and then had to stop to get back (my door is in the middle). Then I rested for a bit and went to Grocery Outlet. Not a good experience at all. Not even close. I'm pathetic. At this rate, I'll never get to the Marines statement on these two feet next Wednesday. I'm beginning to worry about the first game at the end of March.

But, now I've been sitting for an hour and things are better. But ugh.

On the up side, lots of rain and no leaking. And Sandy called twice - once to see if I wanted to go get lunch and once, later, after the rain, to see if there was a leak. There was not. I also told her that I had been remiss in not whining loudly and more often over the past year and a half about the leak. I told her I would not be using that method about getting the damage fixed. She was pretty cool about it.

But, lungs. I had just eaten lunch so I turned her down but if I had not, I'm not sure where we could have gone that I could have walked to without gasping. Sorry, I don't have enough breath for lunch. Embarrassing.

Not the boat show after all... We got this email today:


Amazon's post-holiday party is tomorrow night, Friday, 1/19, in the North lot.

Late announcement due to an error at First and Goal – they apologize and have given us an emergency contact.


Expecting 40,0000 Amazon people, they will begin arriving at 4pm.
6pm Occidental street closure. Florentine will be allowed in ONLY WITH FLORENTINE STICKER on car window. See Jathan if you do not have a vehicle sticker.

All entrance and exits to our garages will be via S. King Street.
We will NOT be allowed to turn right out of our garages as Railroad Way will be closed.

8pm-midnight the Live Music band will face the north plaza with speakers facing away from the Florentine but you will still hear the music.
“Silent Disco” without music will be on the Florentine side (seems strange but ?)

Jathan will have a contact with cell phone access should there be an emergency issue.

Sandy on Behalf of the Florentine Board

That should be quite the sight. Also cold and rainy in a tent. Party ON!

I'll be in here trying to breathe.
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