Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

How lucky am I??

My brother told me how lucky just this morning!

Last Friday, they cleared the football stadium parking lot and started setting up gynormous tents. They set up two probably 50 yard long tents there and then a couple of giant but smaller ones in front of there and more along the side under the colonnade that connects the event center to the stadium. No clue WTF was happening. Nothing online, nothing on the event calendars. My brother said "don't they have a boat show this time of year?" So I looked that up and it doesn't start until a week from this Friday - January 26. Surely that's not it. But, this morning, one small parking lot nearby is already filled with boats so I told him that it turns out, he may not be wrong...

you are so lucky to have a brother who would never say I told you so... 🙃

Still, weird that they would give up so much parking revenue just to have those tents sitting there waiting.

Swim 5
Yesterday 4

This morning's swim was a mixed bag but ended up being not terribly suck-y. I had to stop a lot way more than once every 15 minutes. Until I got to the last 20 minutes and then I was able to go like always - without stopping. Plus, the tracker says I had a great swim. So on average, I'm ok with it.

The walking is now the big deal. Next Wednesday - 6 days from now - I am going to a special Mariner gig for season ticket holders. It's at the stadium - a half mile walk. It's flat but it's long. It's stupid to even consider driving plus I don't know the path from the parking to the event so that could even be an issue.

So today starts training for the event. ha! Seriously. I just want to be able to walk there and walk home and know that I can. (I don't want to sit through the whole thing worry about how I'm going to get home.) Plus, it's good to have goals.

I actually already feel better this morning than I did yesterday so maybe there's hope.

I'm looking forward to the day when my entries will no longer be about lungs. Between what Dr. Lung said and further internet research, it appears as if my latest round of prednisone may have actually set my recovery back about a week and a half but, I'm totally fine with that. It was worth it.

My credit card is now showing that the pharmacy did, indeed, fix the over charging situation. Whew.

The pajamas I made yesterday are great. They look pretty hanging on the pegs and are very comfortable for sleeping. I need to make one tweak to the neckline. I don't have any more good fabric in my stash for making a backup set but next time I'm fabric shopping, it's on my list.

It was raining hard this morning when I left for the pool BUT it does not appear as if there is any new leakage. So maybe fixed???? This would be great. I still need to fight for them to fix the current damage but if there's no more damage, then YEAH!

Ok. Time to get on with the day... or at least get dressed.
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