Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I moved around the house a lot doing this and that and really felt horrible. I slept for 30 minutes and then sat in one place knitting for the rest of the day and feel way better.

Just now I went down to get the mail and nothing bad happened and I didn't have to stop and breathe along the way. A win.

But, oddly no mail. I got an email yesterday showing what mail would be delivered yesterday and it wasn't. And so far not today either. Not a huge deal, just weird.

I stared out the year hoping to knit down my yarn stash. (And sew down my fabric stash.) I made one very big bear (compared to my other bears) but then got Amira's gift so the new plan is to make stuff with all the stuff in the basket. I've got bear legs done with some yarn and I'm now working on the butt.

Here's the big bear. (Regular sized bear in shot for perspective.) I kind of like it.


I think I'll cook something for dinner. Lots of options in the freezer.

Yesterday - 7
Swim today - 7
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