Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not as smart as my tracker

Fighting bummer-ness over my lungs is a constant struggle. I have enough lung power to matriculate around the house fairly comfortably. But, doing anything else is a struggle. Last night, I went to take the trash down to the dumpsters and had a massive coughing fit before I even left the house. Then I had to stop and breathe before I could get back home. It's depressing.

I'm clinging to Dr. Lung's saying that it will get better but I don't think I'm believing it really yet. I am grateful that the prednisone allowed me to enjoy my brother's visit without having to worry.

Getting to and from the car now, leaves me breathless. And this bums me out. Dr. Lung suggested that I not try to push myself cardio-ly while healing so there really isn't anything I can do except wait.

This morning's swim was not exactly a struggle. I had to stop about every 15 minutes to rest/breathe. In between was actually pretty ok, though. I swam even more slowly than usual in hopes of being able to last longer and I think that worked pretty well. I went an extra few minutes to make up for the stops but still figured I did about 1900 yards and too slowly. My tracker tracks, time, yardage and effort (recorded via calories) and assigns points accordingly.

Yesterday, I did 1800 yards for 841 calories and it got me 1395 points. Today, I was surprised to see, after I got out, that I had done 2050 yards for 976 calories for 1619 points. I was impressed and pleased with me. And encouraged. If I can do that - slow pace, stopping every 15 mins or less, and still get in that good an effort, I'm fine with that.

Today my plans are all in house. I need new pajamas. I sleep in ratty old knit pants and an even rattier t-shirt. My brother hung me cool new pegs on the wall next to the bathroom. I can use them to hang my PJ's but not these old holey things. So I am going to make some hangable sleepware. And croc socks in a different color.

And then watch TV and knit and breathe. That's the plan. For today.
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