Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still pissy but at least productively pissy

My mood is Cranky Pants. All day. Happily, I haven't inflicted it on too many people. I did get a whole lot of little things done. Things I've wanted to do for a while like fill up 30 months of pill dispensers. Clean my crocks. Move all my patterns over to the new hanging system and toss out the ones I really don't need to save. etc. etc. etc.

Sandy (HOA President) drilled a hole in the terrace ceiling and pressed against it gently and a large piece just cracked. I guess I should be happy that now, after more than a year and a half someone is actually at least pretending to give a shit. Attitude. I need a better one.

Tonight is the annual home owner's association meeting. For the good of the community and my own sanity, I will not be attending. I turned in my proxy and I am done.

I have a TiVo full of stuff to watch/catch up on and that's what I'll be doing. Dinner will either be Frosted Flakes or Cheerios.

Tomorrow will be better or else.
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