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Making $350 before 9 am!

My brother is at the airport now, likely ready to board if not an the plane already. As he was getting his luggage out of the car at the airport, I realized that this is likely the last visit of any length of time with just the two of us. It was a good visit - a great one, actually. So best to end on a high note.

He's currently thinking of coming back in May but with his wife AND staying up north somewhere like Everett or Edmonds and seeing how the Pacific Northwest looks from outside center city Seattle. So I'll still see him and maybe even more of him. So it's fine

I discovered this morning that the leak in the terrace roof that I first discovered and reported a year ago, has now leaked its way into the house. I have a transom window over my sliding glass doors and there is clear signs of water damage around the window. What a PIA. Also not much sign that they (building manager/board) are any closer to fixing the problem. I think they are taking advantage of my not being an asshole about it. And that really pisses me off.

I sent an email to the board president and the resident manager and said, in the email, "come up any time you like to see for yourself."

What does the resident manager do? Calls me on the phone. I didn't answer. He left a voice mail "I want to come see the damage. When can I do that? Call me back."

1. I send you email, you reply with email. Unless there is a compelling reason not to. 2. What part of 'anytime' is the tough part for you?

I sent him an email and told him to come any time. Probably the wrong thing to do - using the same words. I should have thought of another way to say any time.

I think that he might be trying to find the asshole in me and he's coming really pretty close to success there.

Yesterday the doctor switched inhalers. I suggested and he agreed that we try out the new one for a month (instead of the usual 3 month prescription). So I had him send it to the pharmacy in the building (where The Ladies used to work). $540. I thought at time that this was steep. But, I couldn't remember what the drug deductible was. So I came home and discovered that 1. The deductible is $150 and 2. The inhaler should cost me $197. So first I got into a chat with Humana. The chat person first told me the inhaler wasn't covered. So I went to their website, got the link to the PDF, found the page/line and replied that at this link, on this page/line, it says the inhaler IS covered. Oh, my bad, said the notatallhelpful chat person,

Then onto the phone with the pharmacy. Turns out, they assumed I had no insurance. ???????? "I sure do miss The Ladies." And he said "Oh, you have no idea how much we miss them!" He said he was adding $540 credit to my card and charging me $197. I will be keeping a close eye out on both the insurance and the credit card.

I did swim this morning and it was ok. I had to stop to breathe once but at the beginning. I slowed down (kind of amazing since I'm pretty slow anyway) and finished without issue. My breathing is not great but not horrible. I'm going to be tracking both the swim and the breathing here for a while until I get back to what I consider normal.

There will be two nums. One for swim and one for everything else.

Swim 0 = didn't go, 10 = no stops, great pace, thoroughly enjoyable.
Day 0 = didn't get out of bed, 10 = forgot I had COPD

Probably I'll do it in my morning entry so the swim number will be today and the day number will be yesterday.

Swim 6
Day 6
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