Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Poke. We had poke for dinner - my brother's first. He's now a fan. And we both got introduced to muchi. Last night we had it fried and wrapped around something delicious but we don't remember what it was. Tonight we had it wrapped around ice cream and OMG delicious. It's my new favorite thing. I need to look for it at Uwajimaya.

And we went to Windows 101 and got professional window washing stuff and washed my windows - quickly and easily and they look great. No more putting it off and letting them get uggy.

But, before that, we went to Dr. Lung. And the new is so good. He says that he thinks given time, I can recover fully to what I was back before I got hit with the plague in December. He says time is all I need. It will take time but I will get my breath back. He also explained that while the Prednisone is great for clearing up the problem, it can also stand in the way of full healing. And that now, with no Prednisone, time will fix the problem. So And we discussed inhalers and decided to swap from Anoro to Spiriva.

He said next time do not wait - contact his office immediately. And then he said the magic words. "Would you like a prescription for Prednisone that you can keep on hand if/when you need it?"

OH YEAH BABY!!! So, except for the fact that I think the pharmacy overcharged me for the Spiriva, all is cool. I got lots of good info from him and was so relieved when we finished.

Austin is having weather tomorrow so there's a chance I'll get my brother for one more day! Or... he'll be leaving tomorrow morning. We've had such a great time.
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