Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was excellent. I even inadvertently swam longer than I intended. This is good because my out of the water breathing hasn't been that great today. It hasn't been terrible but I end up panting for breath after not that much exertion. It's worrying. But the swim was good and that's important.

I was telling Bill about my fondness for the Bellevue Art Museum and he allowed as he wouldn't mind going. I hadn't seen the current exhibits so off we went. Stopping for a fabulous brunch first. It was a neat outing. Different and fun.

We had a large list of my todos and things he wanted to do and it looks like we are going to get to bottom of the lists about the time the visit is over. Tidy.

Tonight we went across the street to the sports bar and watched the football game. It was a fun way to watch. ljtourist met us there. It's fun when friends meet friends or in the case brothers.

Now Frank has gone and my brother's off to the AirBnB and Zoey is making it difficult to type this. Plus getting cat hair all over the keyboard.
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