Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I put my brother to work and he's a great worker. We pulled everything out of the ohsocrowded sewing room and not only reorganized it but dusted and vacuumed where dust and link and stuff has been collecting for a decade. And then we got it all put back together. There's one piece missing because the tension rod I had on hand isn't sturdy enough but once we get the good one of those, all will be honky dorey.

I love the new arrangement. There's still too much stuff in there but at least now it looks like there's some kind of order to it and I can swizzle from machine to machine easily. I even have a little recharge area for the the stuff that needs it. My brother took the rabbits nest of cords and cables and make it neat and tidy and reachable. Plus the big piece - an armoire - that I couldn't move before is now on sliders so now I can even move it if I want by myself.

We fixed the adjustable bed. Well, he did and I watched and then learned how to do it myself.

And he got some work done with the woman who does books for his company. And we got in a great visit while we did it all.

We went to a place I've been dying to try for a while for dinner. It was ok, not fabulous but not bad. I am stuffed. And he is back in his AirBnB.

Tomorrow I think we're going to hit the road and drive around and look at stuff. Neighboring towns. Mostly. It is highly likely that they will not be moving here any time soon BUT who knows. It they do, it is highly likely they will move to a smaller town nearby - maybe one on a rail line. At our age, plans can change in a hurry. So we're fact gathering and supposing and just checking shit out. It's fun.
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