Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting stuff done

I am trying to max out my prednisone high here. I did laundry and put it all away. I finished my top and made a scarf/cowl to match. And then I went out for a walk. It was a really good one.

BUT, I wore my old crocs and quickly realized that the socks/liners were done. Past their prime. I have no idea where in the heck I put that pattern so I just started from scratch. My from scratch are better than any I made from someone else's pattern! Fortunately I was smart enough to trace the pieces onto paper before I sewed them together so now I have a new pattern that I know works and they are very comfy.

Then I finally sewed a snap/button onto the coat I made weeks ago and wear a lot No more flapping in the breeze! Now it's almost 3 and I still have plenty of time for another little walk.

The house is tidy enough for the house cleaner tomorrow. I got a sandwich while I was out before but only ate half of it so I have another half for dinner and may combine that with a bowl of cereal. I will be eating fancy and fine for the next 6 days, I'm cool with low-keying it tonight.

I feel organized and ready. And happy to be breathing.

I'm running low on my albuterol inhaler so I opened up a new one - figure one in the living room, one in the bathroom. Anyhow, they have made some lovely upgrades to the form factor. Nice. And this one feels like it is a turbo inhaler. Probably my imagination but I'm fine with better breathing through psychosomatics.

I think I'll suck down a hit and go see what's new around the block.
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