Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

On a scale of 1 to 10

I started tracking my days - my lungs and my swims - when I got the plague the first week in December. A 10 is a great day, no issues with shortness of breath. A 10 is a great swim, no stopping at the pool ends.

Today's swim was a fucking 11. The water was a little chillier than normal and when I first got in, it kind of sucked the breath out of me which was a little concerning for the first half lap but then, after that, it was glorious. Just easy. It felt so good. I was even faster than normal! I did 2050 yards in 65 minutes. That's a very good time for me. And really it just felt amazing. I'm going to be one crushed kitty if, after the prednisone, I can never swim like that again. But, at least I had today.

It is absolutely ridiculous how much joy I get from opening the stupid refrigerator door now. It's so pretty and shiny and organized in there. Never ever again will I let it get that groady.

My sister-in-law is not coming with my brother tomorrow. He's coming for 6 fun filled days. She may come later or not. But he will be here tomorrow afternoon and I'm quite excited. He really needs a vacation and I've got one for him. I have a list of fun places to eat. I have a list of things that I need him to help me with around the house. Plus, we just have fun together and I plan a lot of that.

So today I have a top to finish sewing, laundry to do, walking to do. Tomorrow the house cleaner comes, I need to pick up the key to the AirBnB. (It works out fine for him to stay here but we already have the Air BnB paid for and, I suspect, he will enjoy some alone time. It's just down the block from here.)

I think I'll go open the fridge and look ... again.
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