Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was so good this morning, that my met my tracker goal for the day before 6:30 am! It was heaven. I was able to remember why I love to swim and just enjoy it so much. Last week, I really lost that and spent time thinking why bother. This morning I remembered. It was lovely.

This info is something I will need when the prednisone wears off or when I get another attack. I have at least two more days of it that I can count on so I will wallow in those.

I ran into Tija and Sandy on the way into the garage. They were heading out with the dogs for their morning walk. Tija's still having TV trouble which I cannot help with - Apple TV. Don't know anything about it and don't want to. But Sandy has a printer she needs help attaching. No problem. I have zero qualms about helping them with anything. They never ask frivolously, they always learn and apply what they learn and they both have great things to trade and do so willingly so win win win. For instance. Sandy has a parking space with a lift. One car can be lifted above the other - 2 in one space. But she only has one car so she's letting me leave mine on her lift while my brother is here so he can use my parking space for the rental car.

I have sewing to do today. And the fridge/freezer to organize clean. And walks to do. At least one. Hopefully 2.
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