Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You went outside???

I just took my second 15 minute walk of the day... Yes, that's two, 1+1 walks for 15 minutes each, in the same day! Oh man so amazing. I did have to stop a couple of times but that's because I was walking too fast. On purpose.

It's raining pretty sincerely so when I came in just now I was a little soggy mouse situation going on with my look. My next door neighbor, Sue, was going into the elevator with her husband and mother and she looked at me and said with shock in her voice.... "You went outside??!!" Cracked me up. Yes, I did.

And I made one test shirt. I'm not wild about it but I'll keep it in the closet and maybe wear it once or twice before I give it to Goodwill. I probably won't use that pattern again.

BUT when I went to put the rest of the fabric away, I found a piece that would be perfect for the new pattern I tested last week. I think I'll cut it out and give it a try. It was a piece of fabric I picked up at Goodwill that turned out to be way more and way better than I thought once i got it home.

Then knitting and TV I think.
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