Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A lesbian star for me!!

My friend, Tija, who lives upstairs (and owns a gym across the the street and is the partner of Sandy the HOA president) just knocked on my door holding two ethernet cables.

She wanted to know which one she should use to get her Apple TV hookup fixed (go from wifi to cable). I explained and showed her how she could tell that they were both fine. What threw her was those rubber guards that some ethernet cables have. These didn't have them so she was confused.

We had a nice chat and as she was leaving she said since they were the same she was going to pick by color and I allowed as how I totally got that as I had purple ones for my living room. And then explained that I had gotten a big roll of purple and just clipped the ends on. Her jaw dropped.

"I did not know you could even do that!! That is totally worth ONE Lesbian Star for you!!"

Cracked me up. But, I got it now and she can't take it back!
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