Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, there's 3 hours I'll never see again

My Dropcam lost connection with the mother ship and the mother ship says tuff. This was in a long, boring, tedious chat with Google. I love their products but their customer supports sucks donkey balls. I'd bet a limb that the issue is on their end with their software fixable easily by them. But, they are saying that the cam is corrupt and here's a 20% loyal customer voucher for buying a $199 replacement from them (which, by the way, I can get from them via Amazon for $150).

Just a leeetle frustrating. But, I think I'm just going to do without. The Axis cam still works fine.


(same cam/different ways to view)

But, of course, then I fell into the rabbit hole of looking for a replacement. The problem is webcams today are all about security. Most do not even allow for public access. I could get another/better Axis but they are very pricey and ugly and are really made for massive security setups.

I need to stop. This is stupid. I need to move on with my life.

I did get the yarn drawer fixed. Whew. I had popcorn for lunch. I've been trying to watch one episode of The Crown all fucking afternoon. The chat (see above) didn't help. On the up side, while I haven't stressed it much, I am breathing nicely.

Hold on, Elizabeth, as soon as I pee, I'll get back and finish you. I promise.
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