Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day delay

I slept good and slept right past 6 so no early morning swim for me. Which is fine and might lead to a better swim. I'm more breathless when I first wake up, I think, than the rest of the day. So swimming after I've been up for a while might work better.

There's a class at the pool til 9 and then, I expect, a rush of people waiting until the class is over. So my current plan is to head out around 9:15 - about 45 minutes from now.

Which is all fine because there's really nothing hard coded into today.

I got a delightful surprise yesterday afternoon when ljtourist pinged me with a coffee invite. And so it was yet another walk, even easier than the first one! Plus it was great to catch up. I feel like he's been gone for six months. Because, really, except for about a week, he has! It's nice to have him back. He tickles my brain.

When I got his text, I was taping pages of a new pattern together. So I have that to finish today. I'm thinking maybe one more fleece top for the winter And laundry, of course, and then just whatever pops up. I went to the liquor store yesterday to lay in the bourbon needed for my brother's visit.

I feel organized and ready for whatever happens. It's a nice feeling.

Maybe I'll go change the sheet on the bed and toss that into the laundry before I leave for the pool.
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