Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I did it!

I walked around 2 blocks!! I had to stop a couple of times but only briefly and when I got inside, I wasn't a panting, gasping basket case. I am totally declaring victory. Also not coughing much at all. So nice.

MVIMG_20180104_114953.jpg MVIMG_20180104_115037.jpg

I just finished up this shirt today and I think I like it a lot. The shirt is nice and roomy which will be airy in warmer weather and nice accommodating an under shirt when it's cooler. These two sheets were a great find. Wish I could find more of them. The denim is really soft. And does not need ironing.

I got so much done yesterday, my todo list today is really short. It's only 1 pm. I'm not sure what's on tap for this afternoon. Maybe that yarn drawer which drastically needs sorting. Or maybe that new pattern I bought yesterday which needs printing out and taping together. Or maybe another episode of The Crown...

I'm not sleepy like I thought I would be so no need to waste any time that way!
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