Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Prednisone Diaries

The first thing anyone will tell (warn) you about prednisone is that it will keep you awake. It never has with me. Until last night. I went to sleep fine - about 10:45 and woke up at 2:30 and then nodded on and off until 4:30. And then I got up and went swimming.

The not sleeping thing really doesn't bother me. I kind of enjoy lying there in the dark and quiet. I did what I do when I'm swimming, just let my mind wander around things - solving problems like my latest knitting project that I couldn't somehow noodle out last night and my latest sewing project that needed a solution.

But, I did have to snort at myself for spending all that time yesterday planning out mid-morning swimming windows for weekdays and then just go back to the tried and true.

I may well need a nap today but I'm getting ok with day sleeping, too, so that's fine. I've got the time.

My swim was better. Not great but better. I'm so very slow and still having to stop every 50-100 yards but at least now, when I stop, I'm not gasping painfully for air. Just a casual rest stop. I thought I'd actually done better than I had but my tracker explained that, nope, still too slow. S'ok, it's better and it felt good and I'm fine with that.

Plus, it's not yet 8 and I have a whole day ahead of me to do with as I please. I still find that so luxurious.

My brother (just north of Austin, Texas) has two sons. One in Des Moines, Iowa and one in Taunton, Massachusetts. Last night he started off a text message to the two of them and me about the weather - particularly the -13 degrees in Des Moines. It was really fun to chat with all of them. I also managed to finally get my text software fitted up the right way so I could see their names and icons instead of just their phone numbers. All three of them are in area codes that start with 5 and I was getting lost. I'm (obviously) not a big texter. But now I can be!

Almost the entire decade + that my brother has had his IT company, he's had web cams in the shop so that I could see and then hear and see what was happening every day. It's kind of been the sound track to my weekdays. I often can't hear clearly enough to understand and/or it's boring so it just becomes background noise. But, it's cool to see the day to day business and watch how they operate and just know that all is ok there. They also have a monitor on a post in the shop with my webcam on it running all the time.

But, his recent merger with a larger IT company means that likely, the cams will come down and/or I will be (kindly, I'm sure) asked to unhook. I will sure miss it. But, I understand and it's not the same anyway. Watching someone else's company is way different than watching one with my DNA attached.

Today I plan to sew... and walk... and, hopefully, breathe free!! (drama!)
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