Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail, but it's ok

I did not go around the block. I just didn't think there was enough air. I did an up and back of the hallway at a very energetic clip and made it without stopping so that's a bit of a victory. And then I did it again a few hours later. Even better than the first time. Around the block for sure tomorrow.

I got a shit load of little stuff done around the house. Laundry (pants peeing makes laundry an every day thing - I will be soooooo glad when that is over). kitchen cleanup. I sugru'd some backup swim earbuds as my favorite set finally bit the dust. The rubber tips I love are made for specific earbuds but they are way over priced so I use cheap ones and rubber glue them on.

I even managed some good sewing. I have my next top half done. It's a new (to me) pattern and of course I had to hack it by making short sleeves long ones. I'm making it out of these really amazingly soft denim sheets I got at Goodwill a while back. I hope it turns out great but at this point I can't tell for sure. Tomorrow.

I feel way better. Not perfect but so much better. I'm so grateful.
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