Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Drugs scored!! And... pusher news

I have 10 days of tapered prednisone (60 mg for 3 days, 40 for 3, 20 for 3 and 10 for 3. This means that I have at least 8ish days of feeling great ahead of me and maybe, hopefully, MANY MANY more. WHEW and YAHOOO.

I honestly think I was starting to come back anyway. The walk up from the car this afternoon was a lot easier than the one this morning.

The prednisone ends a week from Friday and I have an appointment with Dr. Lung on that next Monday. Probably I would be smart to move it a week BUT that fucks up my inhaler refill situation which could end up costing me big so I think I'll just leave it and takes me chances.

But the big news is that The Ladies have retired. The pharmacy in my doctor's office is a little local pharmacy with a compounding center and two stores. There have been two women who have run the front desk since I first walked in at least 15 years ago. They are really sweet and really nice and always remember me and ask about my sewing and tell me they hope I feel better. I only use this pharmacy for one time, need a fix now, stuff - not the ongoing. They always made getting a prescription filled a special event. And one or both of them were always there.

Today I walked in and neither were there. A very young girl who was very nice waited on me. While I waited an older young woman came out to help someone and, while at the register, acknowledged that she was not quite used to the system. She said "The Ladies always did this."

I love that she called them out loud what I always called them in my head. So I asked and she told me they both retired. OMG. I cannot believe it. The two young women were fine but they weren't The Ladies. I hope The Ladies have a marvelous retirement. I will sure miss them.

But, for now, I feel deep breaths are within reach. Hallefuckinglooyah!!!
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