Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting waiting waiting

No word from Dr. Lung's office. Seems like I remember last time I sent a note, a woman from his office called about 2 pm. It's after that now but, it's also the first day after a long weekend after two holiday weeks, I suspect they are a bit busy today. I hope they call/respond but if they don't it won't be the end of the world (I hope).

I do not feel as horrible as I did yesterday which is wonderful in itself. I've been downstairs a couple of times - once to the dumpster and once to put return packages in the outgoing bins. The second time I got cocky and struck up a conversation with someone. Not great. Had a bit of a coughing spell - not a disgusting one but one that interfered with my being able to talk.

Neither time did I run out of breath as badly as I did this morning. I just tried walking up and down the hall and I did it in a regular walk, not the old lady onestepaminute walk and I got all the way down and back. I was panting by the end but that's twice as far as yesterday. I'm encouraged.

I have gotten a ton of house things done. I cleaned out the litter box and then did a deep clean of the bench it lives in. Long over due. I cleaned out the fridge, kind of. And tidied up the bedroom. I feel safe and comfortable by myself around the house. I know I can just sit if I run out of breath and no one will see me gasp and pant.

And I still feel fine and dandy when I sit and don't move so if it's bad, at least I have a fix. Right now I feel like swimming is absolutely in the cards for tomorrow. Worst case, I'll sleep in, take my time getting up and breathing and go in mid morning.
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