Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

At least I can sleep

I slept the perfect sleep last night. I didn't even get up to pee one time and zero coughing. Being a little short of breath in the morning is not at all unusual, so when I was short of breath this morning I didn't worry. I put my suit on and went down to the car where I quickly figured out, this was not usual. I had to sit for a full two minutes to catch my breath before I could do anything. I debated and decided that swimming wasn't happening. I came back up here, took off my suit and went back to bed where I slept soundly for nearly another two hours.

When I'm lying down or sitting (like now), all is fine - perfectly fine. When I try to do anything else, there just isn't enough air to make that possible. I sent a note to Dr. Lung. I can say more and say it more clearly in a note plus, it's only now 7:30 and so too early to call. His staff will get the note when they get in. But, I probably won't hear anything until this afternoon. I'm hoping for more prednizone but this time with a double shot at the beginning and maybe 10 days instead of 5. I'd rather not go see him but if that's what it takes... at least I have Dr. Lung and I trust him.

I do need to do something besides sit and stand today. There is yesterday's laundry to fold up and put away and I want to sort out my yarn situation and there is sewing to do. I'm not really motivated to do much of any of it but moving around will be much better than not. So I will.

Sometime this week I need to take a load of toys/dolls/bears to the baby place. I just looked and now see that the handy place I used before is now closed - no surprise, they are redeveloping that whole block. The bad news is that their other location is really out of the way. The good news is that their other location is just around the block from the dollar store which is always fun and even better news, also around the block from Popeyes! That's some karma rewarding right there.

We have some red skies this morning... pretty.

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