Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

January 1

I rang in the new year with an excellent sleep. When I was little, my parents always went to a New Year's Eve party and came home with New Year Eve toys for us. Noise makers and pompoms. It was always such a treat. There were three of us, so they always had to talk some poor schmuck into giving up his toys so that each of us could have a set. I love those schmucks.

I'm also thinking this morning of my grandmother. Which is weird because I don't that often. She was born in 1900 so 100 years ago, she would have been 18. I can almost see it. What a different (from mine) life she had. I'll bet she'd have rocked the socks off of 2018.

I got a fun note yesterday from my friend Barrie. I met Barrie at the LA Fitness pool. She and I used to swim at the same time every day and just migrated into friends. She's a couple of years older than I am. A year ago last November, she broke her foot and quit swimming. But, we met every once in a while for breakfast or lunch and a catch up. I kept her posted on the downhill slide of LA Fitness. And then, when I found this current gym, I sent her a note to tell her about it.

Yesterday she wrote that she and her husband had joined my gym and she was going to start swimming again. Also she said that they gave my name as a referral and were told that I'd get some kind of gift as a result! So nice. We probably won't be swimming at the same times during the week but we might run into each other on the weekends.

The pool today opens at 8 again. I'll be there then. After that is up for grabs. I'll still try to walk the hall every few hours and there will be TV. I finished up Good Behavior. Such a great show. I sure hope there is a season 3. But now I can focus on The Crown. I'm only through episode 4, I think. Plenty of good left.
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