Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Year's Eve

Today and tomorrow, the pool does not open until 8 so I'm having a very leisurely morning - coffee and corn toasters in bed with Zoey. I slept like a rock. I'm breathing fine. Of course, I haven't moved yet so probably that won't last but, for now, I'm enjoying.

I got several comments yesterday about going to the emergency room or urgent care. If/when I ever need to, I will.

Today's plans are to get to the pool and then come right back here. The Seahawks game is a home game today and with the holiday, I expect it's going to be more craze than ever. I will want to get inside and stay inside.

They are getting ready to chop up the main road through this neighborhood. For the next 5 months, the north half of it will be closed as they install infrastructure for a trolley. And they are getting ready to do major construction on a building just to the north of here which will, no doubt, tie up that intersection. So while now, especially with a game, getting around the neighborhood in a car is tricky, soon it will be nearly impossible to get here. At least for a while. Having a trolley up to Pike Place Market and beyond will be quite lovely, however.
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