Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I used to be a voracious reader...

I started out with Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames and the Hardy Boys and then I went on to fatter books. During my high school years, I read junk novels instead of studying. Once a year I read Gone with the Wind and then six months later, I'd read or re-read Desiree. Once I got out of school, there was no stopping me. I'd read a book a day if I wanted to.

In my late 20's, my friend Cindy noted that she'd never seen anyone who read as much as I did, avoid mysteries as studiously as I did. I guess I got my fill with Nancy. And then... in the late 80's, I had just moved to Rochester, MN and their library was not doing it for me. One morning I heard Sara Paretsky on NPR and then read one of her books, then the other two and then I went to the bookstore and studied the mystery section.

I found A is for Alibi and there was B is for and C is for and I'm thinking... now, this has promise... And it did. For many years I only read mystery novels by women. It kept me in books for a long time. Paretsky and Grafton remained my favorites and I'd scarf up their latest before the ink dried.

When I lived in Northern California, Sue Grafton came to read and talk at the Sunnyvale library one Sunday afternoon. I was so excited until I was actually in the car and on the way. Suddenly it dawned on me... at that time we were only on G... what if she turned out to be someone I didn't like? Was I willing to sacrifice the rest of the entire alphabet??? I almost turned around. But, I didn't and she wasn't.

One time, years later, I helped host a reception for her at a bookstore where I worked part time. I showed her where the bathroom was and noted the stall she used and made a plaque for it. Wonder if it's still there?

Along about P or Q, I fell out. There was a particular plot point that just pissed me off and the entire book revolved around a point of view that I vehemently disagreed with and I never read another. (Interestingly the same thing happened with Sara Paretsky's main character/book series. I'm a loyal reader but only to a point.)

But, regardless, I'm still very grateful to Sue Grafton who died the other day having written the series through Y. That she didn't get to the last book is kind of a nice touch, I think.
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