Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This breathing thing is really annoying. It took a full 30 minutes in the pool before I could swim non-stop laps comfortably. On the up side, I was able to get there and swam an extra bit to make up for all the stops earlier. That last 30 minutes and the extra bit were fine and normal.

But, then, walking to the car - not good. Walking from the car to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the car and from the car to my condo... all bad. There's no way I could walk around the block today.

As I sit here, it's fine. GRRRRRRR The fact that I could finally swim comfortably leads me to believe that working through this might work. So while I won't attempt a walk around the block I do plan a trip the fabric store which involves a long flight of steep steps (it's on the second floor of a warehouse) and then some hall walks. We have an extra ordinarily long hallway. Probably 300 yards. My condo is smack in the middle of it. So today there will be multiple instances of walking from one end to the other.

Also I have not maxing out my albuterol. That changes today. I'm allowed 4 hits per day and I will be using all 4. Worst case I'll have primo data to present when I see Dr. Lung on the 15th.

I was going to go get some cat food for YouKnowWho but I just got a text from Amazon that the cat food they were going to deliver Tuesday will be coming today. Thanks, A. I will still be going out for fabric and maybe gas. And I have sewing to do and I never did watch that movie yesterday. So... really no time for sitting around wishing I had better lungs.
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