Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far...

So far this morning has been a rough one, lung wise. Not so much coughing but not so much good breathing either. It took about 20 minutes of swimming before I was really comfortable. And getting around this morning is huffing and puffing and I haven't even gone anywhere.

I'm guessing/hoping/counting on, it's being a morning thing that will resolve itself any minute now. At least all is fine when I sit quietly. And I have nothing that has to be done today so I can sit quietly all day if I want. But, I won't. I will, at least, walk around the block, at least once.

And I want to finish up yesterday's shirt. And I want to reorganize my patterns - I have a new idea :) But, that may be it for the big adventures today. Google has movie sale going on and I rented Victoria and Abdul for $.99. I have 30 days to watch it but I may just watch it today.
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