Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Plan

I have COPD which is kind of a catch all term for Your Lungs Suck*. It might be asthma, emphysema, or it might be We Don't Know But It Doesn't Matter, Your Lungs Suck and they are only going to get worse.

My COPD manifests itself in fits of coughing and shortness of breath. At least so far. The plague I had earlier this month was a lovely combo of both. Now the cough is gone but actually the breath is, too.

This morning, I had to stop at the side of the pool several times in the first 15 mins of my swim, just to catch my breath. Today for lunch, I walked up to the teriyaki place (.5 miles) and back and it was tough going. Really tough. I had to stop and breathe more than once and when I finally did get back it took me a while to recover.

This, I'm pretty sure I can fix. At least I was able to last time I had a bad bout. And the fix is walking. 15 minutes a day. Not even all in one go, if I don't want. Around the block or two is fine. Every Single Day.

So, that's what I'm going to do. Along with a steady diet of my albuterol inhaler. It should all be fixed by January 15 when I go to the lung doctor. If not, we're going to have a discussion.

*I was raised in the heart of the tobacco country in a town economically dependent on the sale of cigarettes and carrying the name of two well known brands - Winston and Salem. (The town had the name first but I'll bet most people don't know that.) My parents smoked unfiltered Camels. I started smoking when I was 14 and cigarettes were $2.00 a carton. I smoked without apology or ever trying or wanting to quit until I was 54. There was a lot of love about smoking. I made tons of friends in smoking sections. It was a great excuse to take a break. It was a nice alternative to eating a lot of the time.

My Lungs Suck because I smoked for 40 years. I'm paying the price now and, honestly, I'm not sure it's not a fair price.
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