Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Your passive aggression does not my assignment make... fyi

I just got an email from the building manager whining that the Drop cam app keeps breaking on his iPhone and he needs to see the footage from today.

What he meant to say was... would you check the webcam footage for me.


I did not reply that I am not Apple support (or Nest support for that matter). I also did not reply, would you like me to do you job for you? I sent him the URL and told him - as I have before that he can check the footage on his computer. I have no interest in digging back through 10-12 hours of webcam. I would probably do it if he asked nicely but, hopefully, he won't.

Otherwise nice, uneventful day. There were no lines anywhere and no traffic anywhere. It was kind of freaky. Then back home to the nicest cleanest house. The best.

I got a new idea for a shirt and started that. I'm in between now. I have plenty of winter clothes so I'm starting to think a little warmer. We have many weeks in Seattle that a are long sleeved but not really really cold. So more smart layers. So that's what I'm working on now. Removable cowls, for instance.

And I need to get back into creature making. Also I have a chair full of teddy bears, dolls and creatures that I need to drop off soon.

But, first... dinner.
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