Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Declaring victory

Today I feel like feeling good is here to stay. Yesterday I felt like it could go either way but today... absolutely feels healthier.

Wednesdays are always crowded at the pool and today there was no cut back of the crowd. I wonder if January will bring more peops. The past few years, I've never seen the expected onslaught of newly converted exercisers in January but this pool population is so different I wouldn't be surprised. I did spy one non regular this morning. There is plenty of room. Even on Wednesdays, not all lanes are shared all the time so, room.

Today is errands - post office to mail a package, Goodwill just because it's en route, grocery short list and then maybe a taco for lunch or maybe just on home. If the line at the post office is long enough and the house cleaner is gone, I may just come on home and lunch here.

Once the house gets clean there's nothing more that's required this week. Just open ended whateverhappenshappens. I still have lots of things on my todo list.

There are several things I set TiVo to record since the beginning of the new season that I have never watched. One was Will & Grace. I enjoyed it initially but towards the end of its run it just got too over the top and I quit watching. Finally I got to it this week and I'm pleasantly surprised that it seems to be back to its original clever with even a little more soul than it had before. A nice pleasant surprise.

I appear to have stashed just about the right amount of TV viewing content to get me through to new shows in January. Nice.

But today, I need to hit the road.
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