Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I might not make my step goal today. Weird because while I didn't leave the house, after I got home from my swim, I did walk around a whole lot inside. I even taped a pattern together which is lots of steps and went back and forth from the sewing room - again more steps but not enough I guess. I need to get out but this morning I coughed a little and was short of breath. I sucked down some inhaler and then nothing more. No more cough, no more shortness of breath. Weird. But, it kind of freaked me out. I do not want that plague back under any circumstances.

I moved up my annual lung doctor checkup from March to January 15. I plan to chart the days lung-wise between now and then. And then go in armed with my questions and a Prednisone Plan that will make what this last elongated plague a total one off.

Tomorrow I'll go out and about running errands and walking and that should fix all of it.

Turns out that in addition to laundry soap, I'm also running low on cat food. I might have enough to last til the subscribe and save delivery but it might not please her highness if she doesn't get her usual variety. Maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow.

I just noticed that the pillows in Zoey's computer monitor bed are disgustingly dirty. That is going to need a wash the minute I get soap.
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