Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Boxing Day

Christmas on Sunday (er Monday - thanks lostincandyrain) gives many Americans a Boxing Day they don't get when Christmas is on another day. Plus the week between. All's quiet here. None of the two-three women who are usually there with me when the gym opens at 5 were there this morning. However, the pool did eventually fill up with regulars.

All of the snow here was gone by yesterday afternoon but there was quite a bit left around the gym which is on higher ground. The bridge did not seem slick, but I remembered to be careful. There was not a whole lotta traffic at 5 am.

And speaking of traffic, one thing I did yesterday was an accidental treat. The normal way from here to the restaurant is on the viaduct but since it was still a little snowy, I decided to cut through downtown. And, there was nobody there! So I enjoyed a very slow drive where I could look in windows and get an update on the goings on. I remembered to go that way home, too and took a different couple of streets. They've torn down a giant building in the middle of town and are going to build a different one and it was fascinating to drive around that lot a couple of times to look at the progress. Especially being able to go as slow as I wanted.

I did not cough at all yesterday and this morning, I feel fine and dandy. It's weird being back to normal. Weird but very nice.

All that pants peeing caused a mountain of laundry and now I'm out of laundry soap. My Amazon subscribe and save this month includes laundry soap but it's a good week and a half or more away.

I finally got around to watching Hidden Figures yesterday. It was a good watch. I also deleted - er "kon mari-d" a bunch of movies I will never watch from TiVo. I have Amazon and Netflix and I'm still not caught up with the rest of TiVo. But, my sweater (knit while I watch) is coming along nicely.

Tomorrow the house cleaner comes. Because we swizzled up the schedule, she hasn't been here in 3 weeks and it shows. Today, I'll make sure everything is put away to leave here a clear runway. Then tomorrow I'll go get emergency laundry soap and other stuff while she's here. Now I think I'll go sew.
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