Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Quiet. Very quiet. My parents always had Christmas on Christmas Eve. Santa came after dinner while we were upstairs putting on our pajamas. So Christmas morning has always been a quiet affair for me and today is no different.

There's a flake or two of snow outside but not much. I'm in the bedroom and Zoey's snuggled in the middle of the mound of comforter.

For the first time in 17 days, I do not feel like a lung patient. I actually feel normal. I'm very grateful. I set up a calendar to track this past exacerbation and any future anything lung wise. I am not going through that again. 17 days is way too many days.

It's disconcerting to start a day without a swim. Happily, this could be the only day all year with no swim. I'm ok with that.

Wait, my neighbor down the hall just posted a picture of snow out her window... Just went to check and YES. Big, fat, beautiful flakes on Christmas. Wow.

My plan was to go to 13 Coins this morning for brunch. I think I'd better go now or not at all. This time next year, it will be a simple block and a half walk. But, not today... over the river - puddle - and through the woods - downtown - to eggs benedict, I go.
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