Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a lovely day

Yesterday had a totally different feel. It felt like a Sunday with no Monday. It was kind of special and nice. The buffer day when Christmas falls on Monday is not lost even on someone who's days are pretty much all the same. I like that.

My bakery haul worked out perfectly for my meals and treats and I still have some left over for today.

My patchwork project will be finished today and I'm ready. I think I may be patchworked out for a bit. Which is fine. One only needs so much of that stuff.

My new sweater is coming along beautifully. I am not in love with the color of the yarn but the feel is delicious. And since the feel is key for both knitting and wearing... win.

Today the pool doesn't open until 8. I'm delighted it isn't closed. The plan is to swim and then come home and spend the rest of the day just doing fun stuff around here. Sewing, knitting, reading, TV watching. The usual.

And I plan to enjoy another one of those oranges my brother sent. They are so delicious. They may be the best fruit I've ever had in my life. The box says they will be good for six weeks so I'm allowing 1 a day.

I'm still feeling better and still hoping that the crud does not bounce back when it discovers a prednisone free zone.

When I was little, Christmas was pretty much perfect year after year. It was full of Santa Claus and family - Daddy who always traveled at a lot was home - there were Christmas foods and parties and it was special.

Now that I'm old and on my own, Christmas is a different kind of lovely. It's quiet and full of treats and a nice break in the year.
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