Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mais Oui!

I got it into my brain last night that I wanted/needed French bakery treats. I have no idea where that came from. I love butter so, of course, a French bakery is my ohsoveryhappyplace. But, usually, it's decision torture. Last night I decided which French bakery and that for Christmas I'd just go wild. So I did.

After my swim I went to Bakery Nuveau. At 8:30 the line was long but they were ready. As I stood in line I made my choices. 4 macaroons - 2 vanilla and 2 birthday cake, 1 ham and cheese croissant, 1 bacon egg and cheese croissant, 1 chocolate croissant, 1 slice quiche lorraine, 1 slice peppermint cheesecake and one club sandwich on croissant. And one coffee. I sat at a table and watched the line and drank coffee and ate the egg and bacon croissant. It was lovely. I think I may have one too many savory things and it will be hard to eat while it's still fresh but I'll suffer through.

I just had one of the marcoons. So delicious.


Plus, my brother sent me a gynormous box of citris. They aren't labedl but it looks like two sizes of oranges and tangerines. I had one of the tangerines last night and it was about the most perfect tangerine my mouth had ever had.

And Zoey loved the box.


So this will be a fabulous eating Christmas here.

I stopped at Bartell's (the drug store). I had 3 things I wanted to get and I remembered all three. Score! Plus I remembered one more that has been on the list forever and always forgotten. And I only got those four things.

I took the last of the prednisone this morning. I can absolutely tell the effects. I'm still coughing a little but it's a way more shallow cough and not nearly as disgusting sounding. And my abs are getting a break.

One time before, I took prednisone and got 'cured' only to have it reverse when the prednisone ran out. So I'm not celebrating yet but I'm hopeful. My swim this morning was very excellent.

I have food, I have treats, I have tv I haven't seen yet, I have a good book to finish and one queued up behind it. I'm set. And now I'm going to head down to the sewing room.
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