Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better Better

No coughing during the night and I slept well. I got up and got to the pool without a coughing fit and swam for an hour without having to stop for breath or coughing!!! I've had a couple of small attacks this morning but nothing I can't handle. I have one more day of prednisone so this all better be fixed by Sunday.

I did a lot of research about COPD Exacerbation last night and learned that they can happen as a result of a cold (like last I had last Summer) or out of nowhere - like now. And the key is to attack immediately. So. That's exactly what I will be doing from now on. If one of the two doctor's won't give me prednisone to keep on hand, I'll get some on my own and be ready. I know the signs now and will not be snuck up on again.

It did feel good to swim and stretch and not worry about breathing or having a giant, embarrassing coughing fit or four. It was fun to go back to using the time to plan stuff. Today's work was on the patchwork hoodie I'll be starting on today.

I have no other plans today. Just sewing and hanging out and not coughing. That's my agenda.
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