Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oh success... actually over successed

Around here a poke bowl is like $10. At the poke shop up the street they are closer to $15 but they are also big enough for 2 meals.

Today I spent $25 of poke goods. And, turns out I bought enough for probably 5 bowls. So... especially considering they are exactly tailored to exactly what I want, I think... WIN!!

Maybe now I can finally get tired of the stuff and move on eventually! But, lunch was good and dinner will be, too. I think I'm going to try and freeze at least one serving as a test.

Today's lunch had tuna, salmon and crab with seaweed salad, pickled ginger, cucumbers and rice. Oh and a half an avocado. Yum and fairly healthy eating - especially compared to my usual diet.

I've also now done a load of laundry and some house clean up, packaged up an Amazon return and taken it down to the USPS OUT box and my recyclables to the bin. The 'social committee' is holding a condo Christmas party in the lobby tonight so I am planning on staying on this side of my front door until I leave for the pool tomorrow.

I did learn that at least some Visa Gift Cards cannot be used for online purchases until they are registered. 13 Coins rejected the card after Amazon did so I read the fine print. I went to the website and registered the card and tried Amazon again and it worked just fine right away. I still might buy another 13 Coins gift card if they still have that promotion going on Christmas Day. My current plans call for Christmas Day brunch there.

Oh and also I figured out a decent blue tooth ear bud option! Finally. I have several blue tooth headsets but none are comfortable or practical to wear all the time or even most of the time. When the phone rings, if I can find them, I can't get them turned on and in my ear in time. Nor can I get them set up while talking on the phone. It's been driving me crazy since my phone now has no earphone jack (even then it was a PIA to find the damn things when I needed them.

BUT, back when I got my hot water heater, I found the little ear bud that Zoey had hidden and I powered it up and started using it and it's perfect. It's simple tiny, one ear version. Phone rings, I put it in my ear and hold it to turn on and it does and all is groovie immediately. Finally. Plus a charge lasts forever. I have another good Blue Tooth set for my purse so this little one sits right here by my laptop. Ready and waiting.


I've now been sitting here doing this entry for long enough to get my coughing gone so I think I'll slowly and carefully move my ass to the sewing room and hope the cough gods don't wake up and start shooting again.
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